Romanian Youth Union for Conservation of Nature

WHEN? 26-28 november 2021


RYUCN (Romanian Youth Union for Conservation of Nature) is a conference made by teenagers for teenagers with the purpose of raising awareness and finding solutions to present environmental problems.


RYUCN is inspired by IUCN (International Congress for Conservation of Nature), a congress that takes place once every 4 years. Our team had the opportunity to participate in the last edition, that was held in France.


We wish to be the beginning of a change. A generation that is concerned about the world we live in, and that involves itself in its preservation. As many said before us, it is only too late, not too early. We need to act, the faster, the better.


  • World Commission on Protected Areas- WCPA
  • World Commission on Environmental Law- WCEL
  • Species Survival Commission- SSC
  • Ecosystem Management- CEMPA
  • World Commission on Air Quality-WCAQ (ONLINE)


Hanny Bratu
Manager de marketing si fundraising la WWF Romania si co-fondator al firmei de marketing ActivatorHUB

With a 20 year experience in marketing and publicity, Hanny Bratu is the present marketing and fundraiser manager at WWF Romania and co-founder of ActivatorHub.

Lect. dr. Mihăiță- Iulian NICULAE
Lecturer, PhD, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography

Iulian Niculae is a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, SURE-SE member and researcher at CCMESI.

Charles Berville
Ph.D. | Energy efficiency engineer , Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest

This is Charles Berville, an energy efficiency engineer and Ph.D. student at the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest within the research field “Energy, environment and climate change”.
He is a founding member of the ONG Climato Sfera, a multidisciplinary group from research, entrepreneurship and business sectors joined together to facilitate the ecological transition.

Zotta Mihai
Director of FCC Conservation

Zotta Mihai Iancu is the Director of FCC Conservation. He takes care of the reconstruction and conservation of the Carpathia Land.

Mathieu  Gregori
Founder ECONOS
Markus Stoltz
Co-founder ECONOS

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+40 727 785 523 Andrei Cojocaru



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